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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Days in Bp...

Even we left less than a week ago, it feels like much longer:-( These pics make me sad as I post them...I took these when I came back to Bp (aka Budapest) with Julie. They "struck" me as such distinct things that are a part of being in Europe...

Eli is thinking of Huckles (his kitty lovie) to help him smile as he's forgotten how while we ride the tram.

Our little stroller boys "parked" on the tram. JJ loved riding in it.

This is the inner courtyard of the apartment complex of the English Christian library where Julie goes...I decided to take a picture because I thought "only in Europe" would you take an elevator and find this quaint little library where you ring the bell and a sweet British lady lets you in.

Jasper and JJ were quite the duo getting into JJ is sucking on the letter "O" from a Noah's Ark toy they had to keep little ones entertained.

Here is JJ in the TEENY TINY elevator at Julie's apartment complex. We experienced a little of what Julie experiences as only one of us could fit in the elevator with JJ and his stroller. The doors don't close so you have to push up these 2 metal pieces where the doors close. Several times I wasn't pushing hard enough and the elevator got "stuck". I would have to push them in again and push the button for the floor I wanted to go for it to go again. It's a good thing we are not claustrophobic!!

1 comment:

Julie said...

I miss those times, and those are great shots... I don't have those, I will have to swipe them from you :) miss you friend!