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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Visit to PopPop and Nana Marie's

This is my uncle's farm, where my Dad is working part-time...a dream for him. It is a BEAUTIFUL place to visit and I miss Pennsylvania and places like this:-(

My Dad makes the feed for the cows as a part of his job. He weighs it on here and follows a little's really quite fascinating and I can't wait until JJ is older and he can be fascinated too!

This is a machine that spits out the feed into a trough for the cows to eat, much quicker than how we had to do it growing up on the farm!

Ahhh, beauteous!

My Dad couldn't wait to give JJ his first "real" ride on the Kaboda around the farm.

JJ loved it and just sat with my Dad.

Here's one of my uncle's new tractors, again, very different for the old green John Deere's that I would ride on with my Dad in our fields.

These calves are twins and here they are kissing! How sweet!

JJ and Nana Marie!

Loving her BIG wooden spoon!

So sweet with Pop Pop Keener...


Julie said...

I miss that little kicking leg boy. So cute!

Glen said...

Love the pic of JJ with your Dad on the tractor!