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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Family Day...for a while:-(

Last Sunday we had a great day together as we celebrated Jared's birthday. It began with a GREAT dinner (his request, but we kind of helped him along) of hamburgers on the grill, corn-on-the-cob and a bunch of great leftovers from JJ's party...

Here is Mum Mum with her's hard to know which one adores her more...she's their playmate and I think it's so cool!
JJ actually let this hat on enough for me to take a picture...ADORABLE!

James put it on then and I think he looks like a teenager!

TREAT! Alleman family tradition is to make homemade ice cream! It's so great and here is my father-in-law layering salt and ice as a part of the process. It's all very interesting to me as I remember making it sometimes growing up, but I think that this machine is more heavy duty.

Love this shot of the brothers walking with their sons...

James is "igualito", as Maribel says, (literally a Little Same) to his Daddy. Especially how he walks! Notice James has no shoes!
Jason came up with this solution and James actually walked in his Daddy's shoes for a while and didn't want to give them up!

JJ has been practicing walking behind this great push toy from Auntie Kristen!

He was loving to drink from Mum Mum's cup!

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