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Sunday, August 3, 2008

JJ's 1st B-day Party: THE CAKE!

Jules, here's our Cosco's not Elmo, but it was cheap and good with LOTS OF ICING for JJ to play in!

"Ok, I think something really special is, CAN'T WAIT!"

"hmmm, not so sure, but everyone's staring, so I think I'm supposed to do something with it"
"It's squishy, hmmm, maybe I should investigate further."
"Wow! Yep, it's good, can't get enough!"
"Whoo, whoo!" (This is GREAT in JJ language)"Check out my hand...oh, going in for more!"

"Did I do you proud, Mom & Dad?"
(Yes JJ, but mommy was a little more excited than Daddy...)
"Oh, my thumb never tasted so good!"


Julie said...

those are great shots... wish we could have been there! You must be happy that is is over and was a success, now onto moving... I am praying for you sweet one!!

Staci L. Photography said...

Oh, he looks SO cute! I love 1st birthdays!!! I am SO sorry we couldn't make it! :-( And even more sorry that Tim didn't get the message!!! :-) What a beautiful blessing he is!