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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Days in Bp touring with my hubby...

Unfortunately, I was sick and sooo tired for the first day of touring, so Jared and I just rested...but I was determined to make the most of the next and last day to see some of my favorite parts of the city...

This is from Gellert Hill, one of the places I wanted to go to. Jared and I dropped JJ off with Julie for his morning nap and hiked up to the top.

This is a view of the Szechenyi Lanchid (Chain bridge) and Parliament which both appear below much closer.
This was during JJ's afternoon nap. Jared and I took a tram close to the Chain Bridge and walked across it and along the river. Behind the bridge you can see the castle district.

Here is the beautiful Parliament building. As you can see there is some scaffolding to the right. They are cleaning (re-surfacing) the front of the building. They were doing this when we were on STINT (on the right side 2 years ago too!) It is a painstaking process, but the cleaned surface is beautiful as you can see below!

We weren't sure where we'd go to finish out the afternoon, but since we had decided not to get souvenir gifts (because we had gotten them before...) we walked (a long walk) to Margit Sziget. It is a historic, beautiful island that is a part of the city.

This is the fountain that sings in the center of the island. I had never gotten to see this fountain in action when we were there before, so it was great. We were a little sad that JJ wasn't with us as we know he would have loved it!

Another picture of the island as you are exiting...

An ABSOLUTE MUST for me was to see the "City By Night" from the Castle District. I think it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen...TRULY MAJESTIC! So we took JJ up (past his bedtime) and stayed only a little time, but it was worth it! Our bus coming down from the Castle had a blowout...this was a first for us and a little scary. Thankfully we were close to our final stop!

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