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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moving Day(s)

It was a fun day for JJ as he got to play lots with Mum Mum and eat fun snacks! Here he is eating these Gerber crunchies (essentially a healthier version of a cheese doodle/puff). He and his buddy Carson ate the whole can!
While we were waiting for Jared to come with the truck, our friends, Mike and Trish's, kids were throwing football with Jared's brother Jason.

My father-in-law did an AMAZING job packing the truck. We used just about every bit of that 14 ft. truck! We were all nervous and not sure if we could fit what we wanted to in the truck, but we did and in Jared's brother, Jason's, zeal to clear out my in-law's basement, we even got a box or two in there that DIDN'T belong to us...OOPS!

Here's JJ loving his baby food, but his buddy, Carson isn't so sure...

Here we are eating Cosco pizza (a great deal and great pizza!) and if you look at JJ in the stroller, you can see how he slid out of it as my mother-in-law forgot to strap him in...Jared was able to catch him. Love you Mom:-)! Thanks for all the help on that crazy moving day!

J.J. LOVES watermelon and had 4 pieces that evening! I think it feels really good on his teeth that are coming in...

"Happy-as-can-be My Watermelon and Me!"

We waited to put our bed/mattress on the truck until the end, the next morning, so Jared and I had something to sleep on that night! It was really snug and great for keeping everything secure during the big trip from PA to Florida. We only had a couple of casualties (so far, there's a little bit still to unpack)--a mirror and the handle of a mug (which could have happened at any point during the 3 YEARS it was stored!)

Here's the truck and hitching our car to tow in the back. Praise the Lord that it arrived in Orlando with no damage...

And Praise the Lord for the safe journey to Orlando. Thank you for all of your prayers!
God is so Good--All the Time and All the Time--God is Good!!!

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Julie said...

keep the posts coming, I want to hear about your time in Orlando... and praying you find a mini van soon!