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Friday, September 5, 2008

Snapshots from our new place in Orlando

Here is a picture of the BEAUTIFUL roses Jared came home with for me from the store where he had stopped to pick up some things for me...Can I just say, my hubby ROCKS!
These roses were soooo beautiful!

Here's JJ helping me with the laundry, even though it's not as fun as with Mum Mum...and he's a little scared because he shut the door on his leg TWICE, poor guy.

Here's JJ with the "Bal...bal...bal" I got him when I was out shopping. He loves to pick up things with his legs, and we couldn't believe he could get this big ball too!

Here's JJ in his new room...more detailed pictures will follow later

This was the birthday cake I made for him when his actual b-day came around (August 21st). I used chocolate chips to write "Happy Birthday" and it was difficult to make out up close, but when I took the picture, it was very clear!

Here's JJ on the little ride toy from Auntie Kristen...He loves to just chill and be pushed around in it...

Chillin' with Daddy...He makes that face whenever he's "playing" with you and being funny!

Here we are at our friends Scott and Kaye's celebrating JJ's b-day. Their daughter Grace is in the high chair and Gloria is their other daughter I am holding. They are great friends and fellow team members to have down here!

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Julie said...

Love the pic of JJ holding the ball with his feet, priceless.