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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Team Retreat in South Carolina

BEAUTIFUL PICTURE...I need to get it framed

As you can see, we were on the lake, quite a was a beautiful, relaxing time. I took us 12 hours both ways to get there, but it was worth it!!

We went on a pontoon boat and JJ tried to crawl on it, but he had his "sea knees" and couldn't move, it was the funniest thing!

This is Kaye and her daughter Gracie, they are on our team and I am so excited to have another mom to hang out with, pray with, and just journey with through all of this!

This is me with Jeannine and Shannon who are also on our team...funny, if you look behind Jared and Jeremy are on a raft waiting to get picked up! It looks like they're floating out to sea never to be seen again!

Here I am with Annette on the WaveRunner. She is from Germany (thanks Jules) and is STINTing here in Orlando to learn about Student Venture as she senses the Lord leading her to launch Student Venture in her country. Please pray for her. Mostly, that the Lord will show her the way and bring those with like hearts to help begin this very needed ministry to teenagers in Germany.
JJ and I on the pontoon boat...notice the Boston Red Sox hat--sorry Sara

Jeremy, our city director, with JJ...he was teaching him to stick out his tongue...JJ was fascinated and trying to imitate...THANKS JEREMY!
JJ was definitely chillin' on the boat...he fell asleep the first time that he rode in the boat.

Cutie pie in his swim outfit!

Here's JJ in the lake water...he's definitely enjoying the water more now than when we first introduced him to it (pools too!) and we are happy about that since we are in Florida! (I have to keep telling myself that so that it sinks in)

The 5 team girls went on what I thought would be a gentle (LAZY RIVER) tube ride, it ended up being more like white water rafting! I had bruises for a week! But it was a great ride and we had a lot of fun! One time was enough for me though!

We decided to do the same thing with the guys, only there were more of them and they weigh more! They ended up breaking the pull on the boat! Yikes! So sorry Mr. & Mrs. A.!


Julie said...

looks like you had fun! I think you meant to type that the STINTER is from "Germany" not "Jeremy" ha ha,... he needs to come back to Hungary, doesn't he... ha ha

Mami Janine said...

Yes, BFF, *of course* we were ahead of our time!!

Miss you . . . wish we were close so we could take a walk and chat . . . sigh . . .