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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Date night in Downtown Orlando

I had gone to this lake (Lake Eola) in downtown Orlando with my friend Vonda and then Jared and I decided to go there for our date night. It is really pretty and it was a nice night and we had each gotten (separately) $10 gift cards at Panera (which happens to be right across from one part of the lake--and it's a really cool one in an older building)! Has anyone else gotten those? It's for their 10 year anniversary--acts of it was a beautiful and cheap date (even with paying a babysitter)

Awwww...don't they look happy??!!

It's encouraging for me to find places like this because they show me some of the "character" of Orlando beyond it's planned sub-communities and flatness and dare I say World tourist centers (although extremely playful for children)??!! It reminded us a little of being by the lake in Keszthely, Hungary or for me of the Boston Common...I thought, "well I might just make it living down here in this strangely different place, if I can easily get to somewhere as nice as here!"


Chelle' said...

I love Orlando... touristy attractions and all. I can't wait to come and see you guys next spring. Just think, by then JJ will be a toddler. Time flies.

Glad you guys are making yourselves at home in Florida. I'll call soon.

Love you friend.

JAMIE said...

Yay! What a victory to be so new in town and still manage to keep up with date nights! And how cool to adventure together in an unknown place with your beautiful family. Keep the stories of victory coming! :) Love you!