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Monday, September 15, 2008


HEY YO, YO!! Got my 'lil homeboy showin' you how he HANGS in our SWEET CRIB...(Ok, I'm going crazy, 11pm, watching the EAGLES in a tight game with those DANG Cowboyz!)

JJ brushing his teeth with Daddy..

He could have stayed there ALL NIGHT! He kept his toothbrush for a while and just LOVED chewing on it! My dentist would be PROUD.
Playing on Mommy & Daddy's Bed--Hands Down the most fun we all have in a day!
"Hey Ma, that 'lil guy in there sure is CUTE!"
"Can I invite him over to play...he's just my size!"
Oh my baby boy...I am in love...

"Oh boy, oh boy, it sure is a FUNNY world upside-down!"

Sorry it's been a week since I blogged...I promise to TRY to keep you up-to-date better. I have to have Jared take a picture of my haircut. I like it, but I've had my moments. You can let me know what you think!


JAMIE said...

I can't believe how big he is! And more adorable than ever! I miss you guys, we miss you! Please a summary of your adjustment when you get a minute... and a picture of your haircut!!! Love you!

Glen said...

Sophia's been cooing "Baby JJ" throughout all these pics. She must be in love too! Hee hee! Can't wait to see the new do!