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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Special Visit

It was really special to have Jared's aunt Darlene (his mom's sister) and uncle Jim and their son, Larry and his wife Beth come for dinner last week. They have a time share and came here from Pennsylvania and California/Texas respectively to spend the week together. I am glad that Darlene and Jim got home ok on Saturday (unfortunately their bag didn't make it right away:() with ALL of the snow you all are having up north.

As you can see Susie LOVED Jim...he said it was his "funny bald head"...I think there must be something to it as she loves my Dad's bald head too:)

Now he must have something important to say because she is looking quite intent.

Love the thumb and fist (above). She was content to eat these as it was way past her bedtime and instead of getting upset, she just chewed on her one point I thought she was going to "konk" out, but she perked back up when I gave her back to Darlene.
JJ also loved this visit and the GREAT GIFT he got of a pack of little Tonka trucks, cars, etc. Jim was going through all of them with him and he really liked "Uncle Jim" and was talking about him the next morning.

It was GREAT having you! Can't wait until you can come again!

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