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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Once upon a Thursday...

...I have had the pleasure of some one-on-one dates with my beloved son, JJ, on Thursday mornings. At this age when Susie is taking a nice morning nap, Jared is able to take her along for his staff meeting. They get a little bit of bonding time and she can sleep at our director's house for most of the regular meeting time and then this frees me up to have some "focus time" with JJ.

These dates have truly been a gift and I am appreciating so much being able to focus on JJ which it feels like so long since I was physically able (i.e. not pregnant) and not toting a baby around or giving him half my attention while trying to multi-task when said baby is sleeping. I just don't want to take this gift for granted and hope to keep making the most of it:)

These Thursday dates so far have been courtesy of my dear friend Anita who is so great and finding cool, FREE things to do around the city.

The first date was to a puppet show at an Information Center downtown and it was really well done and JJ was really into it. It was the story of "Bunny" (she might have had a last name?) who was feeling kind of down one morning and was trying to feel better (about herself). So, first she sees squirrels who are happy and she thinks if she has a squirrel tail she'll be happy. Then when that doesn't make her happy, she runs into a dog and thinks that if she "wuff wuff's" like him she'll be happy. When that doesn't work, along comes a raccoon and she thinks if just gets some raccoon eyes she'll feel better. That still doesn't work and then she (without realizing it is herself) sees a bunny in the mirror and sees how wonderful the ears and voice and color and well, everything is. She realizes it is herself and learns a powerful lesson about loving who she is.

(The collages are in sequential order, left to right-top to bottom, of the show)

I was able to go through this with JJ and sum it up that we can love exactly how God uniquely made us and thank Him for how He loves us as His special creation in His image:)
Right outside the info center--it was cold, but we still thought Brandon and Abby might jump in!The JJ's at the puppet show...our JJ is "Big JJ" and Anita's is "Little JJ" and our JJ really does love him but has gotten in the bad habit of shoving him (not maliciously, but still not acceptable) when he wants him to do things, or just because he is little. This has led to many "talks" and times I get discouraged, but our JJ is always quick to apologize and does have a tender, loving heart as you find if you're around him at all, but I would still appreciate your prayers that he will grow past this soon (he has done the same thing with other little playmates--anyone have similar experience and/or suggestions on handling it? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM!)
This picture is encouraging and sweet:)
The last date (this past Thursday) was definitely the coolest, FREE thing I have been to as a parent. It was a "Potty Party" put on by Huggies' Pull-ups. You may have gotten the DVD in the mail...I know I did even before the party. It was at the Central Florida Zoo in their all-purpose room and was just SO MUCH FUN. We danced all morning and "Ralph's World" who are grammy-nominated artists gave a live concert which include the Potty Dance song.

There were free snacks and drinks (all you wanted), face painting (which JJ wanted nothing to do with!) and caricature drawings (which he did sit for IN MY LAP) and hats and bow ties for the boys (again JJ wanted nothing to do with this, but Brandon has his on below) and tutu's and wands for the girls (which Abby is sporting).

Dancing to Ralph's World and wearing the ensembles below
Notice the wand "streaks" in the middle as Abby is moving it back and forth.

And after this we got a free admission to the zoo!
We saw our old friends Maude and Mary, the elephants. It was amazing how much bigger everyone was than when I was here almost a year ago.
JJ loved the petting zoo area and petted the goats and fed them a little (then got scared? I guess, because he didn't want to do it any more) and loved the cebu's and sheep/ram and finally the Llama (Marisa was her name).
Here we are trying to get JJ, Anita's three and her friend Alison's twin girls to pose for a picture--HAHA! Watching Alison trying to get her twins to pose together made me think of what my mom must have gone through!

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