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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enjoyed the Olympics...

...they have always been "big" in my family and make me feel closer to them, especially my mother as the last Winter Olympics I watched (Salt Lake City 2002) we watched together in the last months of her life. I've been enjoying them during my normal "blog time". So that is one of the reasons I have not posted (but will be catching you all up in the next couple of days) and we also have had a very busy couple of weeks.

Hope you all enjoyed some of the Olympics...I cried at several points, the Georgian luger dying (unbelievably sad...) and Joannie Rochet skating after her mother's sudden death...full of tears I was...there is something about the pursuit of an Olympic dream--all of the sacrifices and discipline in training--that challenges me as to what I am willing to sacrifice for the Kingdom dream, the holy pursuit of the eternal reality that can become more and more mine as I claim it by faith.

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