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Sunday, February 7, 2010

JJ...these days

Although I am by no means going to exhaust the list...I thought I would put down a list of some of JJ's favorite things "to do" and "be"...

-"Want it!"
-"Baby Oosie 'ike it...JJ!" (or "Bloos Coos", or "Barney" or "Praise" or??)
-"help, HElp, HELP!!!!"
-"Thomas bery bad" (as per Sir Top 'Em Hat)
-"dere you go Love" (repeating me and all of the names I call him like "Chunky Boo Boo" which I just say to hear him say it, and repeating WHATEVER anyone's a good thing we don't curse!...but we are saying less "shoots" and "gosh's" and anything close to something we wouldn't say because it doesn't sound right for him to say it now)

On the move:
- "Gonna get you" back and forth around the house with Mommy or Daddy chasing
- Jumping on the bed and doing flips
- mimicking anything Daddy does, like below:)
- get "bankie, bear, lovie, bear lovie, BOB" and tries to get them all at once and bring them wherever he is...

"Thanks MiMi and PopPop for the lawn mower!"
(ok, one of those pics where I can instantly see him as a teenager...sniff, sniff)
I kept in the blurry ones to emphasize how MUCH he moves!

Still trying to figure out how to keep it going the right way!

Loved the light in these pics when he was on our bed playing with the pillows.

There's "never a dull moment" these days...oh, but how fun (and tiring) they are! Such a personality with so much love to give...never meeting a stranger and warming so many hearts he meets. There's bad-side-of-2 days, but many good sides too and it's so fun to watch and see this little life grow and come to be...we pray with all of our hearts that Jesus transforms you at an early age and is the absolute difference in how you live your life.


janine said...

Awww, Abby, they are both SO adorable! JJ is looking much older these days and reminds me so much of our boys when we first brought them home! I wish we could have gotten our boys together over Christmas . . . maybe next time?! You are a wonderful momma!

Sara said...

precious. We miss him, especially Judah who is playing with cousin, Emma today. Glad we have her close . . .