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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Play-doh Fun (Name the characters game)

One of the rainy days a couple of days ago found me getting creative passing the time before Daddy would get home and wrestle with JJ. So I pulled out the play-doh we just got from Jamie.
Here's the quiz: Can you name (left to right) the Veggie Tales characters in the first row and the Thomas characters in the second row?
(*answers at the bottom of the post)
Jared thought that I did a good job...I wasn't so impressed--I definitely need some black play-doh to make them all better, especially the Thomas trains.
So JJ hasn't been the easiest to get good pictures of and now, well, he's driving me crazy because he's "discovered" the camera. As soon as I get it out he wants to look at the "picture" on the back and NOT stay where I can GET a picture of here he is complaining about not seeing the "picture" and me telling him that he can see a "great picture of JJ" if he will just stay there and smile! Oh my!
Same thing! now he's not even looking!
I am really NOT TRYING to favor Susie with my pics, but she's definitely easier to get!

Scoring Grid:
7--great job, dad, mom, grandma, grandpa--you are very much in tune with some of your child's favorite television friends!
6--good job! you are quite in tune, but do fold laundry, make dinner, etc. a little when your kid is in front of the TV
5--pretty good job! same as a above except a little more...
4--You know Thomas, but need to learn about the Veggie Tales!
3--You know the Veggie Tales, but are sorely remiss when it comes to Thomas!
2,1,0--Needs improvement--either you have not wisened up that videos are good for your kids OR you are so busy you never chill to catch some funny stories--time to stick in the video and "veg out" with your kids!:)

(* Top left to right: Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber and Gerry Gourd. Bottom left to right: James, Thomas, Percy and Gordon)

1 comment:

Julie said...

I think you did a great job too! I am amazed all your playdough is in one color and not all mixed together!!!