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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Time with Cousins and Sister Time...

We were all so blessed to have a special visit from my sister Kristen and her two oldest daughters. She completely surprised them, not telling them until they were on the way to the airport!!! It was such a great time all around and JJ really loved them. Especially Annika...she is really such a great big sister, cousin, etc! As you can see they were very happy to hang out together at the house...Annika and Chloe LOVED watching Veggie Tales with him!

Below are a BUNCH of pictures from Sea World. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from our fun time at the beach or at our neighborhood pool...maybe you'll see them later??

By the way, my sister, Kristen, is the one in the salmon shirt who likes like me but is not pregnant:) She is actually my "next to older" sister even though she is often asked if she is my twin!
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Shauna and Ben said...

Looks like you had a great visit with Kristin and her girls. She looks just the same as she did in college (how do you girls do it?) except I think you two look even more alike. Her girls are beautiful. We have an Annika in our family too...I love that name. Hope you are managing in the summer heat and being prego...that was me last summer.

TarynFlagg said...

The kids are all so cute!

Did your post on my blog say that you're coming up to MA for a visit or did I misread it?