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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PA visit continued...

My friend Liz (who very unfortunately I didn't get a picture of--sorry Liz!) invited a bunch of my friends over and some of our mutual friends for a pool party. Alot of people were away or sick, etc., but I was so glad that my friend Sarah could come with her boys Caleb and Noah. Even though they weren't used to a "big pool" they still had fun, although (bottom left) Noah doesn't look particularly happy in that floatie. Actually Caleb sat in that one like a "King on his throne" most of the time. Liz's younger son, Michael is sitting with the life vest in the top left and PJ, the fish, is in the bottom left with the goggles. JJ was starting to feel better and then just came to life in the pool. He is an absolute "Florida fish" at this point. I am hoping to do swim lessons with him in the beginning of August. He is so ready for them and usually just wants to dive out of our arms in the pool. It will be so great when he can swim by himself.

Below is a good picture of our "hang out" time at Jared's parents. JJ and his cousin James loved to "help" their PopPop on the patio. He was off work the week we were there and was working on a water feature. James loved to water the flowers and was really good at holding the BIG watering can. JJ, as you can see, took to the broom and had lots of fun sweeping. He didn't quite get the hang of picking up the stones with the shovel, like James, but had fun watching and just being with "Dayes" (how he said 'James').
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