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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Time in NJ and PA

We were so excited to be able to go home to PA and also spend time in New Jersey for a little over a week in the beginning of July. It was really special to be with dear aunties, uncles, and cousins and honoraries of all of these. Really the whole reason for this trip was because of the tremendous relationships we have in our lives and we couldn't imagine waiting until Christmas to see many of these people.

Below are some photos of our time in New Jersey. JJ had a great time playing with his cousins Judah and Layna (my twin sister's twins) who are 7 months younger than him and catching up to their big cousin quickly! As you can see JJ had nothing on them as far as eating goes! In the bottom left is a picture of JJ having the time of his life with a "t-ball". We went to one of Uncle Brian's softball games and JJ just loved running around with the other kids who were playing with their bats and balls. As you can see too, Judah, prefers being a spectator lounging in his little lawn chair.

The following pictures are from our all-too-short visit to where my Dad lives in Elizabethtown, PA. Unfortunately, JJ got sick the day before this trip and "wasn't himself", but we made the best of it and had some great moments in our day there.
First of all, most of the pictures below are from my Dad's house. His neighbors let us use their playset that is right next to my Dad and stepmom's yard. My stepmom made an amazing lunch (dinner for them--their big meal) full of fresh items from their garden and mostly everything she did on the grill! Thanks Nana Marie! We felt so special!
Also, I love my Dad in that straw hat cooking on the grill--does he look like a hillbilly, I mean farmer, or what?
The middle of this collage was the highlight for my nephew James, who got to ride the "Kubota", a big golf cart type vehicle that they use to get around the 300 acre farm where my Dad works.

This was my favorite part of the day...although it was clear that JJ wasn't feeling right, he kept pointing to and repeating "Dows!" for "cows" and I think that the pictures are priceless. I will be framing at least one of these as the born and bred farm girl in me is quite touched to see my own son in this setting...It is our hope that when he gets older he can stay and work with his PopPop Keener on the farm! How fun would that be!!!??

JJ made friends with the dog, "Daisy". Again, there were so many confirmations on his love for animals, that I was very encouraged by our visit to the farm!
(Note the bottom left as the cousins "konked" out after their big day on the farm)
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Amy said...

cute, cute, cute! i wish we could have met up somewhere ~ but i know you were super busy....maybe next time...laura & i can meet you :)