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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The Shamu show was one of the neatest things I have ever seen! I teared up several times at just the magnificence of this creature! There were actual several little Shamu's and then the Mama Shamu came on the scene...they are truly incredible!

JJ was wanting to climb over everywhere before the show started, but once it did, he was enthralled. It is called "Believe" and is really worth the whole Sea World price to see! (of course you get MUCH MORE!) This first collage is from the first part of the show when several "little" Shamu's come out and do different flips, tricks, act as surf boards, etc.

I like this collage because you can see how special a connection the Shamu's have with their trainers.

This is when Mama Shamu burst on the scene. The show "Believe" has a short movie of a child's dream involving working with Shamu. You learn later that the little boy is actually Shamu's main (I think) trainer. In the top right picture you can see where they have the little boy and then the trainer as he is today. I'm sorry that some of my pictures got cut off in the collage, but I have the best one (bottom left) featured in the next post!
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