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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friends...then and now

When we were home, we got to see "Aunt" Jamie and "Cousin" TJ. As I looked at the pictures of TJ and JJ from this trip (they are one month apart in age), I thought it would be great to post some pictures of these two together when they were younger and then the ones from now.

These pictures are from a little over a year ago. Aren't they just precious? I love in the second from the top right, how they are reaching out for each other and also in the top left how TJ is reaching over to JJ. Jamie was remembering these pictures and how we couldn't swing them like this now...oh, they grow up so quickly!!!

They are equally cute here (in the photos from we just visited in PA), but both are close to 2 and so they weren't quite the buddies they were a year ago...we'll give them time to become best buds again:) TJ just needs to come visit us in Florida and realize that JJ lives right next to Shamu!

Incidentally, Jamie (TJ's mom) is due with her second baby about a month after I am due! She is having another boy, so he and Susie can be buddies too or perhaps more:) in about 25 years (at least!);)
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