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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another visit with Judah and Layna

We didn't fly back to Florida until Saturday evening and originally my in-laws were going to be away all day, so my twin planned to come down and visit with her twins. It was so much fun to see them again before we came home! We miss each other so much and so we can't get enough time together when it's possible.

It was also neat to have my mother-in-law, Marie, (aka "MiMi") home and able to see my twin and her twins too. Every little kid easily warms up to her as you can see with all of the kids around her on the swing below and Judah in the top center smiling at her:)

Near the end of our visit we walked down to the cul-de-sac down from the house and watched JJ "doot" the ball in the "boop". He had done this with MiMi the night before and, as you can see, it's a little above his head. He had made "eight" baskets then because it is his favorite number (though "doo!" of 2 is quickly catching up!, I wonder why?:) He is developing quite a little form! When we got back, we were able to borrow our friend's hoop so JJ can "doot it in the boop!" daily!
Also, notice adorable Layna and the brief twin shot we got. We tried to get one with JJ and the twins, but you can guess, it didn't work!

Sara had the idea to go up to my mom's grave together and I am SO GLAD that she did. I have been the only one who has lived close enough to visit regularly and that stopped when I moved to Florida. I am not sure if anyone has been to her grave since I went on Mother's Day '08. It is such a beautiful spot and we had a short-but-sweet time there. Sara is planning to come back with our older sister, Nea, and she is planning to have the different families and grandkids make some grave markers with handprints. We have tried to put flowers, etc. there, but they always get mowed over, so this is something that we can put there and come back to see over the years. It is amazing to me that it has been over 7 years since my mom was pretty crazy to see how her grave isn't "new" anymore. It looks like all of the others that have been there for some years with a flat grassy area where she is buried...
(p.s. notice, bottom right, JJ loved riding in the bike trailer!)
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