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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sea World!

I had my first ever Sea World experience when my sister visited last weekend. Jared and I actually invested in the 2-year pass because it is so reasonable (the equivalent of 2 single day admissions and you have unlimited access for 2 years!!!) So, as I said to JJ when we arrived, "Ok JJ, you are going to be spending a lot of time at Sea World, so get used to everything now and yes, YOU WILL LOVE IT!" Well, there was no coaxing needed, he truly loved every bit of it...survived the whole day with just a 10 minute nap and spent 8 full hours in the park! The great thing with having the annual pass is that we can go for a couple of hours in the evening or just stay until we're tired, etc. It is only about half an hour away! (see why I keep telling you all to come visit us!!!)

Here is a picture of the entrance and some of the dolphins that there are close to the entrance. There is a much bigger dolphin pool where you can touch them (my nieces almost did!), but we didn't get there until JJ was TOAST, so, next time, we will go there first!

There is a splash pad at Sea World and in the collage below you can see his progression. He started out only wanting to touch with his fingers (this is how he's been for a while), then he became gradually more daring (especially with Daddy as he always is!) and as you can see in the bottom right, he's totally drenched!! Thankfully, I had brought a change of clothes for the rest of the day! Note to self, next time WE WILL bring your swimsuit and a towel and a swim diaper!!

Jared rode a couple of the bigger kid rides with my niece Annika. They are sitting in the very back here. I like how Jared has his hands up looking like he is bracing for the big thrill...poor guy he had no one to ride some of the bigger rides with especially the new one, "Manta"...good thing we got the 2 year pass! We think we might go for a date some time (probably after the baby, so I can do more...or maybe before too, we'll see!) and do all of the things that we can't do with a little one (except maybe he will ride the big roller coaster himself!)

Tea cups! My niece Chloe was less daring than her big sister, but tea cups are her favorite! She went 8 times or so, including a few by herself. As you can see BIG BOY JJ went on and even went with just his big cousins! How cute is that! He loved spinning and was sad when it was over!
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that looks like so much fun!