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Friday, July 2, 2010

Party on the Plane and Soccer Field)

Here's Susie at the hotel we stayed at in DC for one night before we flew out...
It was with the kitchenette and was the perfect size to give her a bath in...she LOVED watching the water trickle:)

This was just too cute on the plane for the flight over the ocean...
First of all, we were so blessed to get the row behind the bulkhead, so no one was in front of us and then they have built in these rails to slide in a bed for babies! Susie was really funny on this plane ride...she was so tired having no afternoon nap and we left after 7pm, possibly closer to 8pm and she konked out for maybe half an hour, then she was up and ready to go! When they brought out this "bed" and before we kept trying to get her to go back to sleep and she was really upset about it, but when we just "let her be up" she was so happy and was as excited as I've ever seen her just sitting in her bed...she was yelling excitedly...she wanted no parts of sleeping in the bed until the lights went out . We were on the side so the cabin lights were really bright.

JJ was such a champ. I had gotten him some Thomas Take Along trains along with the Maithwaite station/Sodor Mail take along track and he played with it so well in the time we were on the plane before taking off. (We were in the check-in line for 3 hours because the Lufthansa computers were down and so we went right in the plane, but waited for a long time until all checked in passengers got through security and boarded. It was about 1.5 to 2 hours of delay)
I love this picture of him and Susie having so much fun with each other:)Love this one too!

They ran out of economy class meals, so we got First Class ones:-) I had some really good salmon and Jared had pasta and ate most of JJ's too...because he was ready to konk out once dinner came.
He has a bit of a belly, but it was actually the money we had to bring over.
Susie slept for about 4 hours...the whole time the cabin lights were off, but once they came on, she woke you can see, JJ is still sleeping. He was such a champ and slept 6-7 hours on the plane...thanks for praying !
Here is Leah (JJ says "Aunt E-ah", I think he is thinking of his "Aunt Nea":-)
She is such a gift to us...she nannies for 2 boys and she is just amazing with kids. He loves her and looks for her constantly around the camp.
She is playing with him here because we were in the Frankfurt airport for about 4 hours because we missed the connecting flight due to the delay in Dulles.
Really great though was that they had already re-booked us on the next flight--we just had to get new boarding passes.
Here's Susie playing on this cool mat on the floor of our room here at Speakout. JJ and she sleep in a second room, but they only sleep there.
Sorry this is blurry, but this is what it looks like when they both play with Daddy!
Here we are at the soccer field at the Kolegium (dorm) where we have Speakout camp. Are you surprised to see my husband in the midst of all of the kids? I'm not;)
Sorry Dad A, but JJ is really loving soccer here;) Jasper (Julie's son, see "My Life with Boys" blog on the blogroll) has no pants on because he had a rash and they were trying to "air him out"...he looks like a little European boy to me, Julie, haha:)
Our little athlete:)...Everyone here has been commenting on his calve muscles (and in the States too--random people will notice his calves, it's funny:)
Here's Jared playing some fun game with Eli:-)

I can't believe how big Eli is! He was just 1 when we were on STINT here!! '05-'06
Love this one...I actually think he got out of this without "flipping out"--that's a major victory for us:)
These 2 are quite the buddies...JJ looks very serious here, though doesn't he?
You can kind of see the calf muscles everyone talks about:)

Awesome ACTION shot!!!
Now you can really see the out!!!

Here is Joy with Susie. Joy's family moved to Hungary a little more than one year ago and we are already becoming good friends:)
Here is Nikki neni with Susie:-) Nikki trusted Christ the year before we came on STINT and since then she has grown in amazing ways--all of the children love her and she gives the best hugs:)

"this is a very good burger Mom!"


denise said...

thanks for sharing the pictures and the thoughts. I really enjoyed will soon show them to Mom Judi.

Shauna and Ben said...

Great pics. Love the one of all of you on a cozy family! So glad things are going well. JJ does look like quite the athlete...just like his mama :)