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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lots of fun in coming!

I will post some pictures--I have been tired and adjusting us all, so I haven't taken many, but I do have some cute ones from the plane when Susie was playing in the basket/bed they set up for was adorable!

This has been training week and intense and full of meetings. It's been very good but tiring and our kids are loving it! Between lake and pool fun, feeding ducks who ACTUALLY devour the food we give them, playing soccer on a big field with other kids, playing with trains Julie neni gave us...there is no time to sit around;) We've hardly watched any's been great!

There's lots of construction, but it's ok and other then minor inconveniences it really isn't bad...pray for us as we seek to best support the students and staff on this Project and love on our kids and be a family. It is good but tiring and so we really need the Lord's strength each day...


Amy said...

praying for you, friend :) sending you {hugs} and smiles :) :) :)

Sara said...

Praying for you too! You have a facebook following you know?!