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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Unedited Smattering...

Mom A, you'd be "telling me"...I've got to pack because we leave tomorrow morning (9:30am) for Hungary!! but I wanted to give you all a "smattering" of recent times...

Love to all--join our facebook group if you haven't already, and we'll send you regular prayer updates!

I hope to update the blog least a little...we'll see!!??

Look who's drinking so good from a cup!!

Future Chase Utley:) or Jayson pick:)

Somebody's got moves already...uh-oh
Well, who could resist Ella cuteness??
Rainbow eyes..KWIM?? (Sara's word, can you guess?)
While Jared was away, we spent time with Sara and family at "Florida Vacation House"
JJ had grabbed these candles and kept calling them "cake" and he and Judah must climb on the table!
Layna with them:)
Jussley...we love her!
Whatcha talkin' bout, boyz? cute is he??
Play-doh with Jussley:)
Kindred Spirits:)
Bath time one-by-one while watching Veggie Tales:)
The girls:)

Everybody loves Jussley

Sara had a photo shoot with Susie and the Too Big Pink Crocs:)

Mommy Sara holding JJ's hand...he fell asleep with her telling him he needs to be the "man of the house" (i.e. a BIG BRAVE BOY) while Daddy's away...
Sweet Reunion:):):)

Father's Day evening at the beach...WE LOVE YOU DADDY! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
Susie loved this warm salt water...I think she liked the taste too!
Not sure if he wants to leave...

Girls from our team...watching a movie with JJ while the adults pray...


Sara said...

Mommy Sara loves you ALL!! Misses you bunches and is SOO thankful for the WONDERFUL memories we made together in Orlando!!

Shauna and Ben said...

Lots of fun! So exciting that your trip is so close. Can't wait to hear what God does. Blessings to you all!