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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Animal Kingdom with Mom and Dad A

(only a month behind on this one:)
Our first stop was the Safari, a la others' advice.
Here we are waiting...
The first of many of Susie's cuteness in this adorable outfit from Tia Maribel.
And you have to love "JJ in motion" reaching for the camera "can't see'd it!"
MiMi: you look great!
Flamingos before they turn pink, gray rhinos (as opposed to white ones you'll see later) and birds I don't know, do you?
crocodiles? or alligators...however we're blessed to live where we don't need a safari to see these!
I think giraffes are an adult, I don't think I can remember seeing one this close.
I love seeing the one on the left and in the back of the other picture standing behind the's like he's trying to hide haha!
Besides the elephants, I'm not sure what anything is...buffalos??
Ok, here's the real interesting and beautiful one...CUTIE PIE OF ORIGIN FLORIDIAN!
Isn't this one of the lion amazing...since we read "Daniel in the Lion's Den" often with our son, it is amazing of thinking to have several that close to you...bottom right, JJ's not so sure!
JJ was definitely most comfortable on PopPop's lap:)

Top left: white rhino,
Bottom left: a type of antelope that stands often on its hind legs
Bottom center: meerkat
Bottom right: the "zebra butt" animal
Yes, JJ's favorite thus far were the fish...he must have been maxed out because he sat down (top left) and just stared at them...they were really pretty.
Gorilla chillin' and thinking
CUTIE PIE AGAIN with her favorite person:)
Love the pic on the left with MiMi and JJ:) This was in Rafiki's Planet Watch which was nothing too much in and of itself (sorry A.K.!)
But, PopPop let Susie take some great shots of herself (doesn't it look like that??!!)
And we got this one which has to be one of my favorite pictures of our kids with anyone:)

But, the trip to Rafiki's Planet Watch was COMPLETELY worth it because JJ LOVED riding the train that goes back there! He was so mesmerized by it that they let him 'ring the bell' (push a green button) on the way back! He was being shy and nervous here--he'd already pressed the button.

"Tree of Life"
JJ loved the Mickey ball which was basically a balloon with the cloth Mickey case--he doesn't even know Mickey, but even if he did I don't think they could convince to spend the $60 more or less that it cost to get one;)

This was HANDS DOWN ALL of our favorite thing! We were tired and did it close to the end of the day, but WOW! It was so cool! You have to go if you come and go to Animal Kingdom.
Thanks to my sister Kristen and friend Erin for saying this was a "MUST SEE".
JJ was mesmerized (as you can see below) and Susie just sat on PopPop's lap the whole time...
It was a total hit!
I thought I got the other 2 float type things--the Elephant and Warthog...but these animated animals were such an amazing thing for JJ...he kept saying:
"There's Lion. There's Elephant. There's Giraffe."

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