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Monday, May 31, 2010

Fan the Flame

I'm sort of nervous to share this--which is silly because I feel like those who find this blog are my friends and care for me and my family even if this is the only way that you know me.

After much encouragement and some "signs" or whimsical wanders along the lines of writing--I started (actually, I had started this blog about a month ago), designed and have posted some previous and new writing to a new blog, "Fan the Flame" .

Writing has always been a part of my life--it started crazy young in ways that I don't even understand. And even though it is a "gift" if you will, it has been amazing to realize in recent years and seasons, that it can actually be lost--at least misplaced. I do think of my mom and honoring her--the person that she always loved and saw--to not let it die.

So, for what it's worth--I just wanted you who read this blog to know about it.

I want this blog to stay a lot about our family, hopefully more about ministry too and then to have something separate where I would feel more free to have it be "it's own thing".

I'll keep it linked to my sidebar where you can see new posts that I put on it. No pressure, of course, but I did want you to know about it--okay, enough rambling:) GOOD NIGHT!

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