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Saturday, May 29, 2010

MiMi and PopPop, Mother's Day, Susie's Dedication

I hope to post the video that goes with how EXCITED JJ was when we picked up MiMi and PopPop at the airport--he kept saying "gonna be AMAZING! gonna be AWESOME!!"
this is one of the few if only consolations in living far away from family--it is so, so special when we are together!
(It's been 3 weeks since they were here and it feels really long already, wahhh!)

I'd better be careful or someone will wheel her away!

Mom A, JJ and I went to a community yard sale and MiMi
got all of this for JJ and Susie (also a jumper) for $16!!
Very close 2nd to Daddy for Susie is PopPop A!
(PopPop K I'm sure you're right in there--we just need to see you! wwwaaahhh!!)
Mother's Day was Susie's dedication at our church.
It "worked out" to be then as it was when Mom and Dad A could visit--
The whole day was so special and how sweet to dedicate our Susanne, named for my mom, on Mother's Day and with Jared's mom there too! (Susie has her middle name:)

Our pastor, Matt, did a great job with the dedication.
Sorry the pics are blurry--I forgot to put the flash on for my friend who took them:(

We had a cake and punch reception with "our church within a church", the Harbour.
BJ's Wholesale did a great job with the cake!
I was so pleased and everyone said it was yummy!

On the playground--our normal Sunday routine to play after church:)

MiMi (and Daddy) made sure JJ felt special too:)
See what I mean??!!
It was so funny because she was missing her morning nap and fussed a little so I fed her a little and then she was fine, but she started "nodding off" when PopPop was holding her...a little narcoleptic on our hands;)
the kids were staying well entertained--
I'm cracking up at my friend Christina looking at Demetri and Charlie and their "plan".
It sure looks like Charlie was having fun!!
Back at our house, I gave MiMi her presents
(combined Mother's Day and birthday)
I made a Shutterfly photobook and I think she really liked (I hope loved:) it!
Also a mug with a picture of JJ, James and Marie on it and Jared wrote out a special card too:)
I kept Susie in her dress so we could take some pictures after nap:)
love this one!

"Oooh! camera" then "Mom! how many are you gonna take??" and
"ok, daddy's holding my hands--I think I can smile:)
My first Mother/Daughter picture on Mother's Day:)
We were hit and miss with both kids, but what do you expect--they can only take so much!
So can you, so, I'm finally done with this post!!:)

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