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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh My!...I'm Really Behind!

Well, seeing as we are leaving for overseas for 5 weeks in 3 days, naturally the most important thing that I should be doing at this late hour is to

All from a month, or so, ago:

JJ's 8 sessions of swim lessons ended on my b-day (may 21st) and JJ, we are all
As with many adventures down here, my dear friend, Anita and her sweet 3 also participated;)
While a slight setback initially, he's done beautifully in the water since then! I hope he'll be swimming by the end of next summer with some hard work!

Our neighborhood Block Party was a complete blast...full of JJ's first ice cream cone and a FIRE TRUCK! What great fun!
(I love how the kids are all just "hanging out"...wonder what they're talking about??)
The cone and fire truck were in pretty close competition as favorites for the day... do you think he did eating the cone??

10's each for taste and messiness...and a 10+++ for the meltdown when we got one when we left and he couldn't have a second my twin would say "a very "2" day"

Smiling now, but with a red, puffy face because of the other meltdown he'd had because he couldn't stay in the fire truck seat FOREVER...thankfully, there were 4!!!

Our sweet friends from church (who are getting ready to go to Papau New Guinea) gave us this wagon and many other great things...we are so blessed by them!!!
love how you just see the top of Susie's head/hat!!

To celebrate my birthday, the end of the school year and to get some time together before we all go separate ways this summer, the girls on my team and I went to the beach! Fun!!!!

Left is Sandra--she's been mentoring me:) Her husband, Jeff, has been mentoring Jared...they are in the process of re-locating for a pastor's position (hopefully!), but it will be sad to not be able to keep meeting with them--they are such a blessing!!!
She's moving ALL OVER...not officially crawling, but, as you can see, she gets around:)

1 comment:

Shauna and Ben said...

looks like you all have been busy and having fun. funny you should mention meltdowns...Tobi just had her biggest 2 moment of her life today and she's not even 2 yet. It was a hot, late nap kind of day and there was no pleasing her... we were at the town pool with a bunch of friends and she sure put on a was so dramatic and loud that if I wasn't s embarrassed I would have been laughing!

It looks like Susie will be crawling soon! Man, time just wont slow down, will it?