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Friday, July 30, 2010

Safely Home…Just Another Day in the Life…

…after 27 hours of travel ending 5 weeks overseas…

dead car battery

Just able to get a new one

“misplaced” cell phone—we are used to not having cell phones because we didn’t the past 5 weeks;) kind of nice—more deep breaths and thinking of what the other needs instead of calling to ask:) remember those days?

cancelled credit cards because Jared was fairly certain he lost his wallet in Budapest—

Praise the Lord! He found it in a suitcase the next morning

Baby girl who only slept 1 hour (in 3 short naps) during the 1st 20 hours of travel crashed and has been crashing since she cut her top right tooth…sleeping almost straight 36 hours…had a fever yesterday and today,

but PTL, it finally broke:) and she’s more herself

everyone is sleeping well in our own beds

still many opened suitcases and much to unpack

we leave for NC and 5 days of travel and conference in 2.5 days

Praise the Lord! for a dear neighbor and Florida “family” who had all the food we could need for yesterday and most of today…

Who also woke up at 2am to pick us up at the airport, even though she had a house guest to cook breakfast for in the morning and 3 little ones to take care of the next day!

God is good and lavishes us constantly with His kindness—we embrace the stretching and thank Him in all things.

By His Grace. For His Glory.

We live and find our Life in Him!


Julie said...

oh my... hugs to you, that is all I can say. Praise God for sleeping and for all the help from kind neighbors!!!! LOVE YOU

Amy said...

what an adventure! :) so thankful you're all home safe and sound. hey - are you guys near CC HQ?