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Friday, April 2, 2010

Susie's Sunday Best

Things she might be saying: (counterclockwise)
"Hey bro, what do you think of my outfit?"
"I think I'm supposed to be doing something instead of just sitting here"
"BINGO! That made mommy happy--a big smile!"
"getting old...I'm done cooperating"
"ok. time to be done...TAKE OFF MY HAT...NOW!"
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Chelle' said...

She sure is beautiful Abby!!

Shauna and Ben said...

So funny...Tobi has the exact same outfit only a little bigger. She got it as a hand-me-down and it will be too small by this summer, so I had her wear it to a "spring" picnic party in January :) I love it...the hat, the cute on Susie.