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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sea World by by Kaylie

these are in a pretty random order...

the aquarium "room" by "Journey to Atlantis"
cool shot...before the penguins...highlighting Antarctica where the penguins originate...
Penguin Encounter...pretty amazing and the room where they were all "hanging out" seemed so small and they were just all over it.
Sea Lions...they were with the seals, but only the sea lions were out...
Note the picture (top right) this is how the sleep--snuggling and also the front one with back arched...can you imagine sleeping like that?
The fountain and fireworks show was really incredible...I hope Jared and I can sneak in a date and go together some time:)These were taking on arriving...Florida by night
this is actually in our development...on the way gorgeous:-)
traveling to Sea World...again, so beautiful!random single shots...

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