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Friday, April 2, 2010

Phillies' Spring Training Game and Scouting Report

Since this past week was Spring Break for the high schools down here, it was a bit of an easier week for us, so we decided to have a BIG FAMILY OUTING. By the title, I think you can guess where it was to! Jared had mentioned going to a Spring Training Game for the Phillies and taking JJ and possibly some students and I said that I WOULD LIKE TO GO, PLEASE! So, we weren't sure of it until the morning that we went. This game was in Kissimmee at the Houston Astro's Spring Training facility which is alot closer than Clearwater...but maybe we'll try that next year!

So, I'm going to take you on a progression through the game.

So, this is right when we sit down and I'm so excited that the players, etc. are so close and wondering who is who! Well, seeing the red, I start taking pictures of the team on the right thinking it's darker than Philly red, and knowing we are on the "Philly side" along the first base line, BUT I still assume that the team in red is the Phillies! Nope! I quickly realized who my Phillies were and was a little embarassed, BUT STILL EXCITED!
This is the Phillies' first at-bat and if you know their order, seeing that I only got to Utley (I missed Polanco, the new third baseman who is now batting 2nd) you guessed it--they were "three and out."
Do you know who the ones are that you can't see their names?
The Astros scored in the first inning...and that kind was the way the game went...JJ, aka SUPERFAN yelling "Go JIMMY! (Jimmy Rollins but clicking with him because of Jimmy and Gerry Gourd on Veggie Tales:) and "nice pitch, good throw and good eye"...basically, whatever Jared says, IT IS SO CUTE!
Poor Jared, didn't get to watch nearly as much of the game as he wanted or to get a good picture with JJ...but this "hypersmile" will do for having two small kids and hands full!
Feeling a little more hope when Howard and Werth were up at bat the next inning, but I think Howard popped up and Werth struck out...I think there was a walk and hit, but no runs. Schnieder top right is one of 6 catchers they currently have--looking for the back-up! He had the best at bats of the day, so we think he's a good choice!
Well...soon the troops were growing restless and Jared went to the playground beside right field and JJ would have stayed there the rest of the game...and his Daddy certainly was generous since he really wanted to watch the game!
I walked around with Susie who is definitely too heavy to make the Baby Bjorn worth it...well, not knowing the park, we didn't bring the stroller, but there were picnic tables where several other moms were WITH strollers...OOPS! Next time??!!

Susie likes the Phils but is more interested in her hands...
Phillies lost 5-2...batting and pitching, not their best, but it was amazing to see all of the players we love so close in this laid back setting...we DO NOT THINK that this showing is a bad indicator for how the season will go! WE ARE ATYPICAL Philly fans who remain optimistic and positive:)
Wish all of you Philly fans reading could have been with us!

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