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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nadia Bloom Found!

This has been an incredible morning for us down here as they found this girl, Nadia Bloom, deep in the woods sitting on a dry spot on a log in the midst of a swamp.
Here's the full story.

Nadia went missing on Friday afternoon and disappeared into the woods behind her gated community. They have been doing an all-out search for her in the thick woods and so many feared the worst.

Then, this morning, Tuesday morning--so after Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights being spent all alone in the woods with the likes of alligators and wild boars, she was found in waist deep water, alive and well! They had been combing the woods since her disappearance with no success.

At dawn, a man from her (current) church, had been praying to the Lord for Nadia and believed He would show him where she was and he went this morning seemingly taking each step with the Lord's guidance and was led STRAIGHT TO HER!

This family, the Bloom's, used to be a part of "the Harbour" the church that we go to currently--a few years ago. Several people from our church know her personally.

Very bright and mildly autistic (I've read she has "Asperger's"), Nadia, it is believed began this trek into the woods after reading an American Girl book about a girl (Tania--I think) who goes exploring for an adventure in the woods.

This story has now gone to national news and in all of the reports by the media--it is such a vivid miracle to everyone that she would be found alive and safe! All have been saying that everyone involved has relied on the power of prayer and their faith and belief that the Lord would keep her safe and bring her home to her family!

Truly, this has been a marvelous testimony to the existence of God for all to see!

We are so thankful and overjoyed for the Bloom family and Praise God for how He's brought glory to Himself in this!

Praise You they JUST said on the TV "nothing short of a miracle!" and "definition of prayers answered!" and it goes on and on...
(a little less than 90 hours...unbelievable!)

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