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Sunday, April 11, 2010

My niece Kaylie...lots of pics

the next several posts will be from my niece Kaylie's visit (along with my sister Nea) and ALL of the photos are courtesy of her:)
She's a budding photographer and it was the best gift she could give me--so many neat shots of our life here as well as the fun things we were able to do while she and Nea were here.

This is her. Isn't she beautiful??:)

she got some great candids of JJ that I haven't been able to get for a while...
yes, he is this close to the TV--this is the surface that he wants to put all of his cars on...I'm sure someone is horrified at how close he is, but, for now, "it is what it is;)"

this is the Easter Egg Hunt we had around our house with JJ and our neighbors' kids...
Abby looks like she is wearing an Indian hat, but it is bunny ears, silly:)

at one point, she was shyly by the door just "zoning"...
i think she was missing her daddy who was away for almost 10 days (at this point) in Europe and Africa.
After the hunt was over, Brandon decided it was time to mow the lawn!

he's the leader and the JJ's follow

here's little JJ "making a break" with everybody's bags of Easter eggs:)

HUGS! "awwwww!" as JJ would say:)

do you get the shirt?

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Julie said...

those are super fun abby, I cannot wait to see them in person!