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Monday, March 30, 2009

Spaghetti JJ

I don't know if anyone has seen the commercial for a credit card? where the mom is trying to pick a picture of her son for the photo on her credit card (apparently something new you can do!) and all of the "pictures" are getting the others out through a dodge ball type of game. It comes down to a karate picture and "Spaghetti Jimmy". Well, Spaghetti Jimmy wins. He has spaghetti on his head...we can't top that, but still so fun!
I love the progression...(we gave him spaghetti before, but not for a while, so it's pretty "new" and interesting as you can see!...)
"Hmmm...what's this?"
"Ok, seems good enough to try..." (love this pic because it is also of the gorgeous flowers my hubby brought home--after doing some grocery shopping!!)
now JJ is saying, "Yeah, this is a goooooood time!"
Then he is clearly done...and you can see the damage. I hadn't taken his shirt off right away, so it has a little sauce, but the shorts were covered in spaghetti sauce! Needless to say I needed some Totally Toddler spray for those and our little "spaghettied" boy went right to the bath for some extra scrubbing...
I was reminded how I haven't been doing as much tactile (as my twin, the special ed teacher, would say) activities with JJ as I should...I know friends have done pudding painting and I know there's other things...I really want to start some craft/tactile play, low key, but fun-for-him times in our week...It is sooo fun, to see him "love to get messy!"

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Linea said...

he is the cutest little boy ever with the cutest belly ever the most adorable little baby