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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Jay Harold

Ok, so Jared and I and my Dad (others too) have felt from very early that JJ reminds us of my Dad (Jay Harold). My Dad had the roundest face and so does JJ! And then there's just his mannerisms at times. My Dad is so laid back but we would always say he has his "cantancerous" side and JJ will remind me so much of my Dad with his little rebelious moments--not temper tantrums but just stubbornness, etc. But, the best has been when recently his high chair lost a couple of key parts and reclines (it can, but I assume that's for little babies who can't sit on their own and would flop forward!) and so he "lounge eats". Puts his hands up behind his head, watches the video that's often on and "waits for food." Oh my goodness, so my Dad! He would come in (usually from VERY LONG HARD-WORKING DAYS) and "plunk" down, wait to be fed:) and later "plunk" down to relax and watch some Fox news or some religious program or Walker Texas Ranger!! (is "plunk" a word--it's how my mom and we would describe my dad collapsing into a chair with all his weight and "taking a load off")

So, we love this, because I miss my Dad terribly. I've always been Daddy's girl and we've had a "special bond" since very early. I want to very much say that my Dad is a wonderful, loving, EXTREMELY HARD-WORKING, Godly man whose prayers I am IMMENSELY blessed to have benefited from my whole life! And the fact that I can "jab" at him a little in this post and joke with him about how JJ is like him, is such a testament to him. There are still times when we reminisce about my mom and there will be a sadness and I will start poking fun at him like my Mom did (using words like "plunk"ing) and we will laugh. I think I respect this aspect of my Dad (and our family) much more as I get older because it is an example of the humor it takes to wade the tough times (we've had many) and how my Dad shows me not to take myself too seriously...

Love, love, love you Dad! Hope you read this post! And we love our little "Jay Harold" and pray he has your praying heart and so much of you!
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Linea said...

he is such a cutie reclining back he is a little man