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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Downtown Disney for a Speakout Reunion

We loaded up our van with three of the girls from Orlando who had gone to Hungary with us for Speakout last summer. We went to Downtown Disney to meet Jason (second from left) who was in the Orlando area on his spring break and so we had been planning for months to meet up yesterday (Friday).
Here we are outside of Rainforest Cafe. JJ called the giraffe "doddy" (for doggy--what all animals are right now!)
Pictured: Marissa, Jason, Jared, JJ, Me (with my bump!), Courtney and Breanna
While we waited for our table, JJ's favorite thing was to go up and down the steps with Daddy...
...he goes right to steps whenever we are out or at a friend's house because we don't have any in our house so they are a "novelty" still...
Courtney, Breanna and Marissa posing in front of the Toy Store. They had "played" in the store for a while earlier with the Mr. Potato Heads...I love that they are still such kids...
After dinner, close to the Rainforest Cafe, there was fun music for kids and a hoola hoop contest which Breanna and Courtney did...We thought they'd get disqualified because they were too old, but they didn't:)

Here's Breanna...I think she could have gone all night! I could NEVER hoola hoop, could you?
Courtney hoola hooping...she could have gone all night too!...
I thought they'd win, but I guess there was a point in the "finals" when you had to start hopping with the hoola hoop (What??!!) and then they couldn't keep it up!
Mr. Handsome:)
Jason had told us a "friend" would be with him when he met us...I thought one of his "buddies" only to find that it was a girlfriend, Kayla (far left). Jason had been in Jared's discipleship group this summer in Hungary. They definitely connected well and so it was such a blessing to re-connect. Jason is doing well and his relationship with Kayla is really positive so that was great to see. He is possibly considering joining Campus Crusade staff after college, which would be great. Kayla wants to become a doctor and become a medical missionary! She is going on a medical missions' trip this summer. Both Jason and Kayla have been on several missions' trips and have really strong faith which is so great to see!
All in all, it was a great evening. It had been a busy day, so I was really tired when we got home. But, it was so great to spend some time re-connecting with these kids and to just encourage them in their ministries at their high schools (all public) and challenge them to take steps of faith there and to hear what God has been doing!
Another reminder of why we love what we do and are so blessed to do what we love!!!

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Linea said...

he looks so cute walking up and down the stairs and the cutest shots are taken when a little boy is having fun