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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The haircut...

Well, you can pretty much tell how this went...First of all, I needed Daddy to cuddle, hold and affirm while "mean mommy" came at him with the scissors! He is quite tearful (top left) and I was just spraying water on his hair!! This escalated (gee, Sara, who does that remind you of and I don't mean Owen:) into major tears (3rd one in from the left) and then through Daddy cuddles, comfort video and animal crackers he is calming down...looking quite handsome (bottom left)...still loving mommy!!! Yeah, I WAS worried! and the perfect little school boy in the bottom right!

I cried to think of how much older he would look! I saved the golden locks (with some wave!) for the second time in his life! And still cry inside a little at how much older he looks...reminding myself he was the same age (plus 20 minutes) at the end of the cut as he was at the beginning!

I so hope we have a girl next (yes, I will LOVE another boy if that's what God gives us:) so that I can let her hair grow long and beautiful! Yes, I know she will probably be bald:)
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Linea said...

he looks like a little old man cutie this haircut rocks