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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Susie Munchie and a little of Big Bro

This is a "tide-you-over" post as there's much to fill you in on about our holiday season including the harrowing experience of a 24 hour car trip from Florida to Pennsylvania amid the Blizzard '09...suffice it so say, "God is so good and thank you all for your prayers!"

Lots of developments lately, including Susie in "new things" like this jumper at my twin sister's house and along with it more interaction and enjoyment of one another between her and JJ. It is so fun to watch!

"Pound Baby OOsie!"

Enjoy the Smush!

Jared says this is one for a contest--what do you think??



Shauna and Ben said...

Sooo cute! Don't babies turn into to kids tooo fast? I'm watching Tobi drag a soft chair across the room right was just a few months ago she was in the baby jumper just hanging in the doorway. Crazy. Enjoy your little baby girl ..oh and of course her big brother too!

Amy said...

cute stuff :) i was thinking about you guys traveling....i knew it was around the time of the snow, but i didn't know if you were flying or driving. glad everyone was safe :)

Staci Landis said...

Love your recent updates! I haven't had a chance to sit down & go on your blog for a bit here. I love the pictures of Jared & your baby girl! Look at those smooshy cheeks! Love them! Glad to hear your trip to PA was blessed & safe!