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Monday, January 25, 2010


I was able to spend one of my first days home with my dear friends from the Bible Study that I was a part of in PA. I hadn't seen these girls in a year and missed them so! (Shelley--I missed seeing you!) Thanks for a great time Alyson, Amy and Rebs:) I can't believe we got a picture (sort of) with all of the kids! And, don't you love the "kids table"? They look a little like teenagers to me--if their heads were above the table a little more!
On New Year's Day, our friends, Robin and Mike, with their daughter Melanie, came to visit with us. Robin has been a mentor to me and they are dear friends of Jared's family. I taught their son, Matt, who is now married! It was a sweet time with them...thanks for making time to be with us! (note: Robin got a fleece for Christmas with what her soon-to-be-born grandchild will call her, MiMi. If I got the hint, I think our dear MiMi might like something like it!(wink))
Christmas Eve, I had a bit of a whirlwind morning, with great, but all-too-short visits with some really dear friends. Below is Sarah holding Susie...she put her to sleep--it was so sweet:) Thankfully, I had gotten to spend sometime for some "girl talk" earlier in the week with her. Love you Sarah!
Here is Jess in the center and right. She and I have a "funny" history. We went through 4 years at Messiah College without even meeting??, I don't think. We both knew of each other, but didn't become friends...however, when I moved back home after living in MA, Jess was engaged to Tim, and they were going to my parents church. We became quick friends and she was there for me in the hardest season of my life--when my mom was dying--, not only was she there, but she loved my mom and my mom loved her. She gave my Dad a hug the first Sunday he came to church after my Mom died and he still talks about it. Growing up, each of my sisters brought a "surrogate" sister into the family, but not me...until Jess. I was blessed to have her in my and miss you so much Jess! Come visit me!
Top left and bottom left is her sweet second born, Brooke. I think JJ has a crush (since she's older and a redhead!)
The next two are of my dear friend, Liz. We taught together and she just blesses my life so much. JJ spent alot of time with "Auntie" Liz and PJ and Michael in the first year of his life and he still remembers it...Love you Liz! You'll always be on my list!
As an aside, JJ looks a little "rough" here...I don't know if you can see the scab under his nose, but he had fallen down the stairs twice at Jared's parents' house and then at Liz's too:( poor guy, he looked so pitiful, but he unflinchingly declared he was "tough" after each fall.
Another aside is that PJ is so big (top right) and just a great friend to JJ:) I remember him when he was little with chubby cheeks...oh how quickly they ALL grow up!

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