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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jared's Family--Christmastime...

Definitely not in chronological order, but I decided I needed to "catch up" in a major here are A TON of pics with Jared's family that I will do little to elaborate on...

MiMi and PopPop with the "real" are these pics with 4 kids 3 and younger!
Aunt Judi(Jared's Dad's sister) and her daughter Denise from Lancaster to spend a couple of hours with us--we SO appreciate them!
Yes, this (I.E. TRAINS!) is what we do alot of these days and I LOVE IT!!
(p.s. notice the Eagles...sorry they didn't end well, but the family remains "die hard" fans!)
Another round of opening...
and opening...
PopPop got Susie smiling alot--I LOVE seeing him with girls--it's the sweetest thing!
The three cousins on Christmas Eve...
Notice how Marie is touching JJ's blonde hair--she was mesmerized by it!
more presents!
Jared and his brother Jason = some of the best and MOST FUN Dads EVER!!!
Gotta Love MiMi's lap...and notice Marie with JJ's hair again!
Jason's birthday in early December, but we got to celebrate together when we came home!
Again, just, so, so sweet to see this...
MiMi had some catching up to you can see, Susie loves her!

Thanks to Jared's family for a wonderful Christmas together--we ALL miss you!!!!!

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Shauna and Ben said...

Oh...what fun! Glad you got to see lots of family this Christmas. I've had that happen with people touching my blond hair...but I was in foreign countries at the time :)