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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Early Christmas...Late Blog Post

So sorry that I have been such a slacker in "blog land" recently. All I can say is that I came back from our trip to PA pretty depleted in every way and then JJ was sick the week we got back...while I had time to get this caught up, I didn't feel up to it.

So sorry to my "blog friends" too as I'm behind in your blogs, but if you're behind like me then it may not be so hard to catch up with you! I do miss you and your lives I read on your blogs, so I'm hoping to get "caught up" soon!

Here are some pictures from the early Christmas we had the day before we travelled back to PA.

Love these pictures of JJ in and out of the tent we got him (there's a tunnel too! both are a hit!)

Here is the play vacuum we got him...he loves to pull it out and vacuum with us!

Can you tell who the main "present OPEN-er" was this year. Usually more fun than the actual gift, but each got a "wow!" anyways. He's opening Susie's too--it will be a couple of years until she minds...

The adults exchanged gifts--though we kept it low key--I am holding mine;) Jared was surprised with an mp3 player that I had put lots of music on as well as scriptures that I thought he would like to have. You can do it free--here's the info!
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