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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Art

The same night that we were in the town of Celebration with the Farr's we found this store--I didn't even catch the name. They had tables and you could get a little artist's pallet with a cookie (or they also had pretzels or other kinds of cookies--we all chose chocolate chip and they were awesome!) and you could pick different toppings to decorate it with. We chose melted chocolate, m & m's and sprinkles.

Beyond that, what is so amazing is that JJ got so interested in decorating he forgot that it was all "Good Eats!" (also the Food Network show I am watching as I write this!) He was so focused using the little spatula to put the chocolate on the cookie. Then he started with the sprinkles and then the m&m's--and even though I told him he could eat them, he was still very focused on putting them on the cookie. It was sooo cute!!! And gave me great hope that he doesn't have ADD, and will be able to focus well on tasks like this without getting frustrated.

Ok, so now, he's getting it and EATING! I broke the cookie and gave him a quarter to a third of it. I had the other part not wanting him to eat so much...then, at one point, he gave the part he was eating back to me, "here go mommy!" and promptly took the larger portion for himself. It was yum yum good!

Here is precious Devante. He is a foster child that Jamie and Anita have had in their home and he just went to a different home today--which will hopefully be an adoptive home. Please pray that he will be adopted by this family or another soon--the perfect family for him and them, and that they would be believers.
(I'm wondering if the Lord used Devante in Jared and my life to really open us greatly to one day adopting children like Devante who are in the system, ready to be adopted, they just need someone who is willing to make them their own...)

Brandon and Abby--this is just about the sweetest I have ever seen them. They had a cookie to share (unlike JJ who had his own because Susie is not big enough yet for any cookies!) and decorated and ate! it without any arguments and even with Brandon offering Abby the first bite and keep on offering bites...IT WAS JUST TOO SWEET!
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