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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Brother...Little Sister

My twin sister passed down the "Big Brother" shirt that her son had outgrown and then recently, my friend Christina passed along the brown "little sister" shirt (I had a couple others, but not brown) so, as soon as I saw it, I decided we needed to take some pics! JJ did pretty good holding her but notice top left and then top center and right Jared's hands are re-positioning because she is lying back rather precariously. JJ is also sitting still because he is watching "ba ba" (still his term for basketball).
(btw--you can see the duvet sets I got as a "Merry Christmas" to update our bedding...It's been nice to change things up a bit)
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Julie said...

oh I love that picture of you all up top!!! And they are so the shirts

Jerusha said...

So wonderful to see these precious little ones and how much their mama loves and ENJOYS them.

They are SO cute. I love Susie's cheeks!

Shauna and Ben said...

so cute!...and the tops are the best!