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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getaway Fun

Here we are on our way to Myrtle Beach. Rachel, who is a student at a high school in Orlando, rode both up to Orlando and back with us was a lifesaver at points when JJ was not happy riding in the car. Here she was playing a game with JJ just by jiggling her sweatshirt. He was laughing like crazy (bottom right) was like his own little puppet show! We should have named Rachel's sweatshirt/puppet, but we didn' about "skunkie"?? since it was black with a little white in it.

Here is JJ "lovin' on" his little buddy (we say cousin) Jake. Jake has made it onto the blog before, I think, he's the 4 month-old (adopted) son of our city directors, Jeremy and Shannon. JJ just loved "Dake!" as he started to say on this trip. He didn't like it when "Dake!" was crying...he tried to give him his pacifier when he already had it and it was actually the cap for was adorable. He also liked to give "Dake" kisses on the lips to help with his crying...we think they will be more appropriate for his little sissy:) but they are definitely fine for "Dake!"now (just not in a few years jj:) Again, how encouraging to see this little sweetie loving on a baby:)

JJ really made out at Myrtle Beach. He got to sleep in a queen-size pull out bed! (we realized he had outgrown the pac-n-play when he kept waking up in it. The first night he was on the couch and rolled down to cushions off the couch w/o a cry or sound and ended up in the morning on different places on the floor!) We are going to transition him to a twin bed in the near future. He really liked being able to get out of bed in the morning by himself and didn't come into our room right away when he woke up, so that's a good sign of him being ready, right??

He also made out by eating pizza (his favorite right now) and on the right below is him (ready for the beach) in the elevator (he sort of said this a couple of time "el-ee-at-er") which he always wanted to ride! When he wasn't riding that he was up and down the escalators at the convention area where most of our meetings were or running the big hallways and foyers around the convention area.
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