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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getaway and MiMi and PopPop

JJ's highlight and our personal highlight was seeing MiMi and PopPop (Jared's Mom & Dad). It was a treasure to have them there as they drove down from PA and we drove UP from Florida (we kept checking that Myrtle Beach is actually north of us!). It was a little more than halfway for them and a little less for us.

These two are the only people in the world (right now) that we can walk away from JJ and have him not scream! (it doesn't last long, but it always is really tough in the transition to nursery, etc.) So, that in itself was a great break for us. Also, their being there allowed me to go to much more of the conference than last year. And as you can see, JJ had a wonderful time!

Walking up the beach with MeMe and riding the lazy river that was at their hotel with PopPop.

This was on the way was a good, but tiring, week for everyone. Jared was on security (making sure none of the students got into late night trouble...the earliest he got back to our room at night was 1am:/) and JJ was up later each night and had some short naps and Rachel slept some more than other teenagers there, but she was still tired from the week. I was driving and even though I was tired, I can't sleep in the car (it might be a mom/wife thing)...I was definitely exhausted and didn't even unpack until I "hit the hay".
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Amy said...

looks like you had a great time ~ is your hubby from pa, too? where did you guys meet?

Shauna and Ben said...

What a wonderfully exhausting adventure!!