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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getaway 09

June 7-12th found us travelling up to Myrtle Beach for Getaway 09. It is one of 2 Getaways for our ministry, Student Venture. Students from as north as Michigan down to us in Orlando with several cities in between all converged on the Sheraton Convention Center in Orlando, FL.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the conference (hopefully I can get some and post them) only personal ones at hang out times (the following 2 posts include them). But here are some things that you can picture to get an idea of what Getaway is all about.

*450 students worshiping Christ with 10th Avenue North leading and most of them up front at the stage.
*Speakers who relate to teenagers, but would also challenge the socks off of any adult. (You can listen to any of the messages here (click on the "get the messages and more" under the Getaway picture)
*The same 450 teenagers going out to the beaches, streets and city of Myrtle Beach utilizing creative outreaches to draw people or just plain old walking up to people and starting conversations with them. Thus, the gospel being shared with 100's and many responding by trusting Christ.
*Intimate small groups each night that are breaking through the walls, revealing long held places of shame and guilt and receiving the healing grace of Christ.

Truly, it was such an amazing blessing to be a part of this. We went last year, but it was different this year. I knew more of the staff families there and JJ was able to interact with more of their kids. (the youngest, by far, in child care...he was a huge hit!) I was able to hear almost all of the evening talks due to my in-laws being down and JJ being able to have a later bed time than last year. So, I grasped more of the whole picture.

I did struggle with not having really worked to have some of the girls that I've had in Bible Study this year be there...obviously it's understandable given all that's been going on with the sickness in pregnancy, etc. But, it is my heart, passion and prayer to see at least a couple of them there next year along with others God will bring along my path...

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