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Friday, June 5, 2009


I don't know how many of my blogging friends know about BLURB. If you blog on Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad (and one other one??) you can "slurp" your blog posts to Blurb and create a Blog Book!!! Depending on how much you blog, it will be an investment to use it as a yearly chronicle of your life, but compared to what you could spend on scrapbooking supplies and the inner stress that comes from not being able to do "all of it", it is definitely worth it. I just downloaded the free book-making software and will finish this summer (hopefully by the end of July, if not before) a book for 2008 (as long as I was on Blogger...since April, I think).

I am totally indebted to my friend Julie who just did her massive volume for 2008 (almost 600 8x10 pages or close to it!) and I am so proud of her. In the future she (and I because of her) hope to be caught up to "real time" so that when the year is done, you also have your 2009 Year-in-Review book done. On Julie's blog she kind of chronicles the pitfalls in layout, etc. that she found in doing her first book. I will let you know how my journey goes, but I'M EXCITED! It is great to feel like I can streamline what I do in blogging with memories that we can have in our hands to look an album! I still want to scrapbook because I enjoy that format, but will never be able to catch up and this way I can work on some of my backlogged scrapbooking projects (JJ's baby book, our year in Hungary! trip to Spain while there, etc.)

I hope that some of you will be able to do this and that I could let you know about something us bloggers can do that you might not have known about.


Julie said...

can I tell you how sad I was when I did last summer with you and JJ and Jared...and realized that you won't be with us this summer... so sad. We will miss you and playing ball with JJ. I know Jasper and JJ would have so much fun playing togethre now! Oh and Eli asked if you were going to be next door to him this summer because he misses "sweet JJ." Miss yall

TarynFlagg said...

This is awesome! I was putting our blog into book format manually instead of making baby books. Thanks for the tip, this will save so much time!