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Friday, June 5, 2009


This is my dear Aunt Debbie who watched JJ so Jared and I could go on the cruise. She is my mom's youngest sister and was her best friend as they were adults. She has committed herself to do, as she is able, things my mom might have done if she were still alive. She blessed us so much and I have to say I haven't felt that close to my mom in a long, long time...It is a huge blessing to have someone like her that I can reminisce with, as an adult and mother, about my mom. We help each other remember things. I have a good enough relationship with her to tell her things my mom might say to her (like "go to bed Debbie" as she can still pull all nighters trying to do all of the little things she wants to for people...) and she is always giving me new perspective on Mom. Things that I would have seen or discussed with my mom in the "mature years" of our relationship had she lived...Again, it is a huge blessing to have her in my life and I am reminded of how there are many daughters who have lost their mothers that don't have an "Aunt Debbie".

JJ just kissed the picture of "Deb-bee" when he saw it on here...I think he misses her...when he is a little older he will understand that we live far away from precious family that we always love and who we see for very special visits, but it is too far to see them very often.
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Sara said...

very sweet. I am sure she will kiss his picture lots too!